Joshua Luke Smith- Becoming Human

Joshua Luke Smith is a lyricist and spoken word artist, whose first EP, Between the Saddle and the Ground, went to the top of the hip-hop international iTunes chart and has gone on to form his own record label Orphan No More.

Becoming Human was based on a book by philosopher Jean Vanier who inspired Joshua Luke Smith to compose an emotive poem on human nature. Speaking to THIS Radio, Josh explained that this poem “captures this thought process I had around how we are all connected as humans and the process that we need to undertake to really become human, that process of discovering our weaknesses and accepting people for who they are, not necessarily who we want them to be”.

Iona and Anselm played an interview with Josh from when he visited THIS Radio. You can listen to Between the Lines poetry show on THIS Radio on Wednesdays from 4-5pm at

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