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Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a lively, edgy and frequently sassy show that discusses the real issues of the day. This magazine style show brings the world of social media to life, with wit and charm Suzie and Meg share their thoughts and opinions on the latest social, political and cultural trends, relationship problems, fashion, parenting, budgeting from glam to how to survive on a shoestring, and all things lifestyle. If it’s happening in Liverpool, hosts Suzie and Meg will have their say, and give their voices a break with some banging music. So get involved and tweet your contributions to (more…)

Round Reviews and Tuesday Tunes

Round Reviews and Tuesday Tunes is a creative art show focusing on literature, music, theatre and movies with a unique twist of discussing these works from the perspective of writing and performing imagined worlds. Explore, lose, and find yourself  (more…)


The Crossroad is an experimental show that looks at the real world in conflict and harmony with faith. The sublime and ridiculous, design and confusion are contradictions that coexist and shape our experience.  Crossroad looks at life through…  (more…)

Themes and Trends in Tunes (TTT)

Our TTT host Emma, takes a look at classic, alternative and pop songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, & teens as well as today’s contemporary music scene and discusses themes and trends in the  (more…)

The Zeitgeist Show

The Zeitgeist show is hosted by Nathaniel, James and Adam and they discuss, give opinion, analysis and commentary on the major and incidental issues of the day. The trio invite you to join them in  (more…)

Alternative Worlds

Alternative Worlds is a weekly programme talking about cinematic and television alternative worlds of fiction and fantasy.  (more…)

Into the Deep with Ollie

In-depth exploration of pop culture and society, sprinkled with curated tracks found from around the world with focus on the House music genre. An experimental mix of reviews, interviews and views: this show will express my own opinions on……….

The conservative hour

The conservative hour is hosted by Gus and Lottie and discusses conservative (with a small ‘c’) ideas from the world of popular culture, politics, news and events both nationally and internationally. This  (more…)

Curated Music

Mia hosts the weekly programme Curated Music, which takes a curated look at aspects of the UK and USA’s musical legacy and inheritance. Ideas such as the Summer of Love (San Francisco, 1967), the rise and fall of Glam Rock, and…… What have the Beatles ever done for Liverpool? Join our resident curator  (more…)

Wednesday Supper Club

Join Ella and Saga every Wednesday as they talk all things feminism, culture, and LGBTQ+, comparing growing up in England with daily life in Sweden. Join……

Chaplaincy Matters

The Chaplaincy Hour is a mid-week reflection on the University Life. The team, Lilly and Cynthia, talk about all things of meaning and none that shape our life and experience.  (more…)

Nerd Talk

Nerd Talk is an innovative show that seeks to travel through the more quirky, obscure and interesting nooks and crannies of life.


Alternative Hour

Take an hour out of your Monday to mosh along with some Alternative! From Heavy Metal to Pop Punk, from Ozzy Osbourne to Rammstein, we play it all! Tune in, turn up and mosh with us!


Times are a Changing

I like to think of myself as intelligent but people throughout history, well… not so much. Join me as I take you through histories funniest moments that you didn’t know about and funny stories of my life dealing with the weird and the wonderful.


Laura’s Manic Monday Show

Laura’s Manic Monday Show showcases gems from the past, contemporary hits from the here and now, and newly discovered treasures from exotic places such as the Korean pop scene.


The Rosie and Immy Hour

Rosie and Immy hour is a mad mix of random things from the latest goings on in the world of Hope to the serious business of random world of sharing trending curious, eclectic, random  mysteries and facts.


Kristin’s Slice of Life

Kristin take’s a moment for a pause, a relaxing break in a hectic week to plunder the news, for a smorgasbord of gossip, current affairs, happenings and light-hearted observations on the mysteries of life………….


Midday Meleé

Personal Trainer is a topical lifestyle show, causally taking a look at and discussing all the latest trends, fashions, happenings and events that weave their way through Hope’s community. So whether you are considering the best ways to loose a few pounds, spice up your look, make an impact statement with your wardrobe or take a loved one to the best restaurant in town there’s something for you and much, much


The Political Compass

Lets figure out whats going on in politics from Brexit to austerity, from wheat fields to dancing!


Cappuccino with Steve

Steve talks lifestyle, community and wellbeing in an informative, yet causal style over lunch.


‘Simply Jo’

I’m a green haired Mancunian girl who’s music taste covers a large range of genre’s. I basically spend the hour imposing my music taste on other people. Come join me, why don’t you!?


Table for Two……

Freedom of information is key to developing good ideas. I am Nathalia and I invite you to accompany me as I explore new cultures, life as a student, different musicians and more. Let’s discuss and debate so we can change for the better!


Red, White and everything Green.

Tune into William and Michaela for a bit of craic and a bit of banter about the world around us. We find music nobody else has discovered.


Daniel’s Late Breakfast

Daniel’s Late Breakfast show has a community orientated focus on what’s on in the University, the city of Liverpool and beyond….. Searching the latest news from across the platforms and news feeds, Daniel delivers a weekly serving of………………


The Wild Card Radio Show

The world’s a confusing and strange place, isn’t it? Well, you know what they say: if you can’t beat them, join them. So, embrace the confusion and tune into the Wild Card Radio Show; where I’ll be talking about anything and everything as well as playing anything and everything for your auditory satisfaction. There’ll be competitions, guests, audience interaction, news updates and whatever else crosses my mind. Sit back, relax, (as best as you can at 10 in the morning) and let me take care of the rest.


The Hungry Poet

Ella invites you to sit back, relax, and join her for an hour of poetry and music- focusing on a new topic each week, and sharing voices from across the globe.


Walker and Hughes

Tim’s Music Jukebox takes the listener on an eclectic journey through sounds, periods and subcultures bringing rare and well known songs to the audiences musical taste buds.


Music Finder

Tino’s Music Finder is an afternoon show picking music tracks from Liverpool, the UK and international markets showcasing all best of the latest contemporary and old-time classics


Abstract Hour

Join Amelia as she explores a range of art forms from Film to Dance and everything in between. Complimented with a range of music relating to the different topics presented each week.


The Arts Show with Bobbie Blackman

Join Bobbie every Friday, from 11am – 12 noon as she gives you the lowdown on the biggest stories in arts and entertainment from around Liverpool Hope, Merseyside and beyond. There are loads of opportunities for you to get involved each week from promoting your latest performance, to (more…)

Student Union Takeover

Tune in to THIS radio every Friday 12-1pm to hear everything student union, from sport fixtures to campaigns – The Student Union are here to take over!


À la carte politics

We are an hour long show which focuses towards current political issues and hope to inform through engaging discussion and some nice songs in between.


Molly’s Echo-Chamber

Lively up-beat talk on the news, trending, happenings, and every thing student lifestyle and popular culture all discussed from the distinctive perspective of Molly’s very own safe space. Join  Molly ……



The discoveries and adventures of a first year student at university. Follow along to find out how Karolina progresses from being Medium-Rare to Well-Done.


Soundarya’s Take-Away

Soundarya plays songs from all over the world and next door too to entertain Hope’s community with a rich variety of music, chat and student experience on her weekly Take-Away show.  Join Soundarya


Media & Communication Curriculum Radio

The Media & Communication department’s curriculum radio team will deliver training sessions in the radio studios on