Reviews by Alice: The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part 1

Well… I rather enjoyed that.

When I watched the first Hunger Games I wasn’t overly impressed by it and I didn’t join in with the hype at the time. I wasn’t even planning on seeing this film, but then university happened. My friends in halls were really excited about going to see it so I thought why not? So we booked cinema tickets for the four of us two weeks before it was released in cinemas. I also had to watch the sequel Catching Fire, luckily I got a free months trial on Netflix. Sorted! Catching Fire was so much better than the first film. Not boring at all. It made me excited for Mockingjay, I guess you could say I was lucky that I only just got into the series now instead of having to wait a year for this to come out.

The film starts with Katniss waking up from a nightmare and in District 13, where she and Peeta have been separated. She’s been picked to be the rebels signature as the Mockingjay and first part of the film is about her finding her feet and confidence to be part of their propaganda against the Capitol and President Snow. It’s later learned that Peeta is still alive and the other tributes from the quarter quell are still alive. However, it becomes evident that Peeta and the other tributes are being tortured and mistreated. There’s a bit of violence, explosions and mass murder here and there.


The new characters in district 13 are brilliant. Cressida (played by Natalie Dormer) was one of my favourite characters, her style and hair was amazing. Her vine tattoo on the side of her head was so defined. I also have come to love Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks). In the first hunger games films I didn’t like her, saw her as a ditzy nobody, but in the recent film she shows morals, but still keeps her stylish look. I’m not even going to ignore the flirty comment she made to Haymitch. That was funny. While it was mostly serious, there were a few sparks of comedic relief. One in particular was when Katniss was making her demands to President Coin of a very serious nature until she asks, “Anything else?” she replies, “Let my sister keep her cat” which received a giggle from the audience.

The only thing that annoyed me during the film was the sequence when rescuing Peeta and the other tributes. In the scene Finnick is giving an important and interesting speech to scramble the Capitols signal, so that Gale and others can go in on the rescue mission as a distraction. It constantly flicked backwards and forwards from Gale & Co. to Finnick, to the point where it was so often Finnick never finished a sentence. I was more interested in what Finnick had to say about secrets and President Snow. It got really irritating and was unnecessarily long. I got bored waiting for them to find Peeta and the others replica watches, very frustrating! On the other hand, one scene I particularly liked was Peeta going psycho on Katniss and choking her in an attempt to kill her, before being bashed over the head. It was so dark and unexpected.

Overall, I loved it! I’m now a converted fan of the series. You have to appreciate the dedicated fans in the cinema who did the Hunger Games peace sign when a character in the another district performed the peace sign. It was so nerdy, but magical that people in the cinema got so attached to the series. If you haven’t seen the series I recommend them if you like ‘futuristic murder game’ type films. The first film is a bit of a letdown, but the rest are fantastic.

By Alice Denmark

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