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THIS Radio has been in discussion with one of it’s lesser sung stars, Lilly Nelson, from the Chaplaincy’s ‘Chaplaincy Matters’ show. Following on from Lilly’s latest broadcast, I asked her about her experience at Hope in the Chaplaincy and in particular, her featuring as a weekly radio broadcaster. Here’s what Lilly had to say,  

‘Following on from my recent graduation in BA Hons Theology at Liverpool Hope University, I was appointed to the role of Anglican Chaplaincy Assistant and was delighted to be given the opportunity of building an onsite chaplaincy presence at Liverpool Hope’s Creative Campus.

As an undergraduate, I worked while studying for my degree, as a Visitor Assistant at a Modern Art Gallery. This background of hosting visitors, designing and delivering guided tours on the artwork as well as being an artist myself, provided  experience in customer care – which leads to pastoral support. I have undertook other Chaplaincy positions (including in a hospital and a music festival) and it is very exciting to connect with and provide pastoral and spiritual support to Hope’s Creative students!

After months of building relationships, the Chaplaincy was offered a room (named ‘The Quiet Space’ COR212) at the Creative Campus. I have enjoyed designing, decorating and developing the space as a friendly drop-in environment fit for purpose. The room now acts as a centre where I host liturgical themed activities as a form of outreach.

One of the outreach programmes I am involved in is developing the Chaplaincy’s radio show – ‘Chaplaincy Matters’ along with my colleague, Cynthia Dowdle. Chaplaincy Matters has provided us with a unique opportunity to diversify our audience reach and impact with topical discussions, stories and information of the Chaplaincy’s weekly activities, all mixed with a lively, diverse music playlist. 

We produced a themed radio jingle to advertise Chaplaincy Matters and to act as an explanation as to what chaplaincy is.  The rather melodic jingle mantra of ‘Chaplaincy:- cares, listens, builds, challenges and supports,’ is eclectically mixed with the enigmatic tones of the immortal sound of Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son of a preacher man’ acting as a sound bed and culminating in a memorable radio ident and strong branding image’.

The broadcast of Chaplaincy Matters can be heard globally (every Tuesday between 1pm-2pm) at 

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