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Singer David Bowie died from cancer on Sunday, with an announcement by his publicist on Twitter and Facebook on Monday morning, with a host of tributes by friends from the music industry. The singer, whose career spans over forty years, died surrounded by his friends and family aged 69.

The 9-time UK number one famously re-imaged himself as Ziggy Stardust for his album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars which was led by the single Starman. His 25 album career also included hits Space Oddity, as well as Rebel Rebel, Life on Mars and Changes.

Speaking to Samantha Aindow, on Tuesday from 1-2pm, Dr Veronica Skrimsjö, Post-doctoral fellow at Liverpool Hope University in Popular Music said:  “He pushed boundaries […] he managed to portray certain conventions in an alternative way and he never confirmed even though he used standard popular music conventions.”

In Brixton, David Bowie’s home town a street party is being held with fans singing hits next of a mural of the musician. Meanwhile in Liverpool, the Liverpool Small Cinema on Victoria Street will be screening The man Who Fell to Earth which stars David Bowie, in commemoration to him on the 14th Janurary at 7:30pm. Later this year the British Music Experience attraction which is relocating to the Cunard Building will feature Ziggy Stardust costumes.

His final album, Blackstar was released last Thursday is on course to become the number one in the UK on Friday. Dr Skrimsjö told THIS Radio: “Because the illness was kept secret in Bowie’s case it becomes even more poignant. It’s making him into one of these mythical features of popular music […] I think he knew what he was doing, I think he did it very cleverly, very well, and it will mean a lot to fans”.

You can listen to the interview and clip of students’ favourite Bowie Songs below:

Interview with Dr Skrimsjo on the death of David Bowie by This Radio on Mixcloud


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