Kieran’s show profile – ‘Times are a Changing’

Why on earth would anybody want to present a radio show? This is a question all radio presenters rhetorically ask themselves from time-to-time. Kieran is no different, I caught up with him on his second early morning show to find out what’s the attraction.
Kieran, a rugby union playing, scout leading, book writing, southerner from the historically steeped city of Canterbury is a History and Politics first year student. Kieran is currently researching and writing a history trivia book entitled, ‘The Funny Side of History’. The book transports the reader through a maze of quirky historical happenings that are not the main headline news stories of the day, but the ‘and finally stories’…  
Back in the studio, Kieran pulls out his iphone and opens up the station’s twitter feed and scans the notes he’s made for the show one last time.  With all the latest news feeds checked for any breaking stories, Kieran starts to fill the studio radio scheduler with his list of songs that are going to grace the air waves. The schedule is clinically orgainised with back-to-back tracks and single plays that will pepper his conversation and entertain his fledgling audience. The show, ‘Times are a Changing’ (broadcast every Tuesday 9am-10am) is primed and ready to go.
Kieran oozes confidence developed in the combative worlds of who will blink first rugby union, and outwitting the mischievous scouts trying to pull a fast one on their leader. He knows how to think on his feet, take charge and influence proceedings. His personality has been sculptured through the brawn of the battlefield, and the tender skill of nurturing inquisitive and inquiring young minds through the art of the curious and entertaining.
Kieran launches into his show with a history story, but not as you would expect, no stuffy chronology densely referenced with quoted source material, but a segue like a proverbial Monty Python sketch,….. and now for something completely different. The audience is treated to a story the Chuckle brothers would have dismissed as being too ludicrous, that of….. how a bunch of Australian witless wonders managed to spend 10,000 rounds of ammunition and bag only 10 emus in the name of ‘pest control’. ‘What!’ I hear you ask, ‘curious’, ‘you cannot be serious,’ of course Kieran is serious, historically deadly accurate with more than a hint of his thinly veiled mischievous sense of humour pouring out of his every word.  Kieran continues to churn out stories, such as Bristol’s blaspheming messiah – James Naylor, fire hydrants, baboons and much, much more.
Family and friends constantly send Kieran their thoughts throughout his show. Kieran shares their light-hearted comments and banter as the songs are playing in the studio. He messages back and the wonderful world of social media comes alive, as people live in the moment and share one another’s worlds in a timeless and spaceless connection.
There are many answers as to why he would present a radio show, but none so profound and so simple as it’s just good fun and a totally enjoyable experience……

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