Hope’s Definitely Got Talent!

By Alice Denmark & Nura Mohamed Sharif

On Friday 20th March we saw the grand finale of Liverpool Hope University’s talent show. Expecting it to be full of singers there was a range of diverse acts who approached the stage in order to get the title of Hope’s Got Talent winner. Held at the Creative Campus in the Capstone Theatre eight acts were waiting to perform in front of three judges and an excited crowd.

Happily Ever After? were first on stage. They were the biggest group of fourteen members. The group performed a condensed musical which had been created by the director leading on piano. Happily Ever After? was inspired by the Disney characters in particular the princesses. The judges commented saying it was a ‘wonderful composition’ with ‘nice harmonies’ and was ‘absolutely stunning’. They were further praised for the originality of the piece and congratulated them on their bright future ahead.

Acoustic singer Sarah Beatrice followed with a cover of Lady Gaga with a mash up twist. The transition into the Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ had the audience clapping along and swaying their arms. The judges proceeded to praise Sarah with her ability to convey power and passion through music and said her performance was ‘amazing’ and she is a star in the making.

The third contestant Tomas Vail started off with a funny blunder by pressing the wrong button on his loop machine, but recovered straight away with confidence with an original song and interesting performance. The judges called his performance a ‘unique act’ and complimented his ‘soulful voice’. Although making a mistake early on they praised his good recovery and acknowledged the huge amount of support he received from the audience.

Breaking away from the musical contestants Rob Hatton shook things up by reciting a poem he had written himself. The poem focused on issues in society and day to day problems that need and should have been addressed by now. The judges were gobsmacked by the message within the poem and praised Rob for saying what people haven’t had the courage to say out loud and described his poem as a powerful and liberating piece of poetry.

Another acoustic performance from Dom Spowart with a cover of Enrique Iglesias’s ‘hero’. The love song was incredibly popular with the audience especially some of the girls in the audience. At the end of the performance the youngest judge asked him if he was single and called dibs. The judges fell in love with him and his strong solid performance. They said his voice was ‘soulful’ and ‘genuine’ and that he recognises how good his voice is and not shy away from singing.

The sixth contestant in the show was Sergio Perez Gavilan. Sergio played a self-composed classical piece on the piano. Although unfinished he left a positive impression with the judges replica watches. They commented on his beautiful composition skills and stated he has made his mark on the Aigburth campus with his talent. Further remarks notified that they felt what his was playing which was very powerful emotionally.

Second from last of the line up was Fabienne McCormick with an interesting mash up of R Kelly’s ‘The world’s greatest’ and Rhianna’s ‘Five Four Seconds’ with an acoustic guitar twist. The judges were impressed with her ‘powerful mature voice’, which they further stated would make their jobs hard in deciding on who would go through to the public votes.

Lastly, Mike Roberts performed an original song with his guitar in his hand and brilliant voice. The judges stated his potential is beyond Hopes Got Talent and admired the ‘divine tone’ of his voice. One of the judges then went on to state his original song is one of the best songs they’ve heard in years.

The judges then had only a few minutes to discuss who they wanted to put through and chose Happily Ever After? and Dom Spowart, two very different acts. It was then left in the hands of the public through Twitter and Facebook votes. After fifteen or so minutes the votes were counted and it was unbelievably close. With less the ten votes between both acts Happily Ever After? were crowned champions of Hope’s Got Talent 2015.

The night was fantastic and had great atmosphere. I enjoyed the smoothness of the transitions between acts and were prompt with the delivery. The range of the type of acts involved with the talent show was also a huge surprise as I expected it all to consist of singers, but the diversity really livened up and made Hope’s Got Talent more interesting and harder to judge. Hope’s Got Talent 2015 was definitely successful in bringing together all three campuses to one event. I can’t wait till next year!


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