Hope Anglican Chaplain meets her boss live on air!

Induction by Radio

Wow, what a way to start a new venture.  Have you ever had a really bad, and I mean really bad diary clash?  Well that is what happened yesterday for Charlotte, the Catholic Chaplaincy Assistant and myself, Cynthia the Anglican Chaplain.  I realised that two really important appointments were coming up and both happening on the same day and what is more at the same time!

Panic set in, you see Tuesday 27th November at 1pm was the tie for us to launch Chaplaincy Matters on THIS Radio.  However this was also the day and time chosen by Bishop Paul Bayes, the Bishop of Liverpool to give me a licence as Anglican Chaplain for Hope University. Potential disaster.  What could we do? Could I possibly get the radio programme up and running then run though the university to the Chapel.  No, that was not a goer as I have not run anywhere for quite a long time. In the end the whole Chaplaincy team said with one voice, ‘Get the Bishop to do it on the programme’, and that is what we did.

We handed the microphone over to Bishop Paul and he read the licence out on air. I read the declarations to the Queen as head of the Church of England, to the Bishop of Liverpool, ‘his heirs and successors in all things lawful and honest, but most important of all I swore my allegiance to God and to the Church.  Before we knew it was all over.  I asked Bishop Paul to pray for the university and thanked him for coming into the radio station.

Cynthia reading her declaration 
during Hope’s Chaplaincy
programme – Chaplaincy Matters.

Listen to The Revd Canon Cynthia Dowdle being licensed by the Anglican bishop of Liverpool, the Right Revd Paul Bayes, live on THIS Radio.

The Bishop of Liverpool left the studio and it was now just Charlotte and I we had to get through the rest of the programme.  My head was buzzing what did everyone think of hearing the quaintly worded legal document being read out on the radio while they ate their lunch? We played some music, mostly Charlotte’s choice, we answered questions about the Chaplaincy, and trailed some future events that we are staging, like the Blessing of the Crib in the Gateway Building on Monday.  We invited everyone to pop into the Chaplaincy to see the crib we have made out of cardboard boxes.  Not the most elegant figures but certainly we had a lot of fun making them.

Before we knew it the hour slot was over and Charlotte and I were making our way for a much needed coffee, and yes we are looking forward to next week, we will be back. Thank you Mike for your help in bringing Chaplaincy Matters to life.


Please join Cynthia and Charlotte every Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm for Chaplaincy Matters.




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