Halestorm UK Tour with Wilson & Nothing More

By Alice Denmark

Halestorm  one of my favourite bands and when they were coming so close to where I live – I HAD TO GO! I took my friend with me who was acting like a child being taken to the Disney store. It was her first ever rock concert whereas this was my 17th. It was at the O2 Apollo in Manchester, we arrived an hour early, but the line was already massive. We got to the front and to the side encase of a mosh pit was going to be created. Being a small person I don’t do very well if I get caught in one, that lesson was learnt when seeing Black Stone Cherry in 2012.

The first band to come on was Wilson. The lead singer entered on stage wearing a pitched bass drum dressed in a costume that made him look like a toy soldier. It didn’t last too long as he stripped and began to rock out. They performed a cover of AC/DC which made the crowd go absolutely mental and so did they. The singer came into the crowd screaming and one of the guitarists climbed up the speakers.

The second band Nothing More were flawless. The lead singer came out shirtless showing off his fabulously ripped body. They got the crowd more energetic ready for Halestorm and got us chanting ‘burn the witch’ from their song ‘Salem’. They then upped Wilson on unique performances by strapping their electric guitar and have 3 of them playing it with their fingers along with more drums.

Of course the best performance was left till last. Halestorm strode out on stage to screaming hysterical fans. The opening song was ‘Love Bites (So Do I), which got them an award for “Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance” at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Followed by other popular ones off The Strange Case Of… album such as ‘Mz. Hyde’, ‘I Miss the Misery’ and ‘Daughters of Darkness’, as well as some new material like  ‘Amen’ and ‘Apocalyptic’. Arejay Hale showed off his skills by getting out comedy size drum sticks while rocking out at a lightning speed rolex replica. Arejay also proved to be the favourite within the crowd, with them chanting his name non-stop so he high-fived some of the crowd and bragged about it in his sisters face. What brother wouldn’t?

The concert was overall fantastic. The support acts were of top quality and opened Halestorm perfectly. I was able to head bang and rock out with everyone; and sing and shout till I almost tore my vocal cords. Coming away with a sore throat, muffled hearing and a surprising amount of energy are all signs of a good rock concert. Definitely up in the top 5 rock concerts I’ve ever been to. I LOVE HALESTORM!


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