David Martello visits Liverpool

After witnessing live on TV in Konstanz, Germany the attacks in Paris on the 13th November 2015, David Martello brought his piano 400-miles to Paris to pay tribute to victims.

Martello, who goes by the performance name Klavierkunst, moved his piano by bike around Paris, to perform John Lennon’s Imagine the next day, outside the Bataclan concert hall where 129 people were killed the evening before.

A video of the performance reached international attention as news outlets and social media, receiving over 2 million hits on YouTube. Watch the video below

Martello, under his Klavierkunst project travels to conflict zone and has performed at the sites of the Charlie Hebdo attacks last year, and has recently been travelling to major cities across the world as part of a documentary.

During his visit in Liverpool, Martello performed in Liverpool One and went to see John Lennon’s piano at The Beatles story, as well as laying flowers at the John Lennon Memorial.

Mattie Jenkins had the opportunity to speak to David on the phone, after his performance from Liverpool City Centre. Answering why he chose to do this, Martello replied to “Let the music be inspiring to other people… and to bring peace”.

David Mortello Interview by This Radio on Mixcloud

Image Credit: Elle Lotherington

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