Christmas Lights Switch On in Liverpool One

On Friday 13th November, Liverpool switched on their Christmas lights for the first time. The 30m Christmas tree was installed in Liverpool One outside John Lewis and is the tallest Christmas tree in the UK. A pop up bar was created underneath the tree, which opened during the Switch On and is expected to be very popular in the coming weeks.

The Christmas fun started at 4pm with a variety of activities happening around Liverpool One, including the involvement of singers, Panto performers from The Empire Theatre, as well as performances from The Northern String Quartet and Liverpool Philharmonic String Quartet on Peter’s Lane. Liverpool One staff were also handing out free crackers to win a variety of vouchers and deals. Dancers and other Christmassy acts were also on display.

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Just before 6pm one of the local radio stations kept the crowd entertained as the count down began. Voice actors narrated a Christmas story with silhouettes appearing on shop walls. Santa Claus then appeared on the top of John Lewis waving at the children and set off the Christmas spectacular. The lights were choreographed with the chosen music. Fake snow was blown up into the air and confetti was also released to enhanced the light show rolex replica watches. Liverpool One was packed with thousands of people who attended the show, ranging in all ages. Despite being in the freezing cold it felt like Christmas and it marked the start of the Christmas celebrations, even if it is only mid November.

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I didn’t attend the Switch On last year, but I will definitely be attending next year. This years Christmas event was so much fun. It was a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Those who came to see the lights made it feel like a community event, which was embraced by the shared joy of the Christmas celebrations.

More information of what’s happening in Liverpool One this Christmas can be accessed here

Alice Denmark

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