Bill Ryder-Jones @ The Kazimier

By Chris Clayton

The Kazimier is a great venue. A tiny little nugget of gold in the City of Music. The security guard tells us there is about 250 people here tonight, all of which want to watch Bill Ryder-Jones bring his album over the Mersey and into The Kazimier. The venue is intimate, everyone stands around the stage just like we’re in a front room. There are few things better than being able to put your pint on the stage and not be pushed around.

Jones walks down the stairs of The Kazimier, picks up his beautiful cherry red Gibson and tunes up. He opens with the title track of the album. ‘A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart’ which keeps the audience silenced. Not a murmur as they just stand and respect what is happening. He goes on to the melancholy catchiness of ‘Hanging Song’ with the beautifully wrote line ‘hanging on to me, will only eat your heart’. In a set that doesn’t falter, where the audience are gathered like friends, Bill shows off his guitarist skills. He has undoubted talent, and is a great personality on stage, talking and joking with the crowd throughout.

The highlights of the show though was the brilliantly titled ‘He Took You in His Arms’ and ‘The Lemon tree#3’. The crowd seem to mimic the delicately husky voice of Ryder-Jones as a quiet murmur sings along. The atmosphere is haunting, of all the gigs I’ve been to rolex replica, I have never seen this. People stand amazed at the talent that Bill Ryder-Jones possesses, in a state of bewilderment at how these songs are so perfectly put together.

The night before the final of the drab that is X Factor there is nothing better to stand and watch a man that is keeping music alive. He might not be topping the chgarts next week and he woin’t be at Capitals Summer Ball next year, but he’s done something very few other musicians can do, amazed 250 people with songs he’s written about experiences in his life.

Bravo Bill 10/10.

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