Alice’s Halloween Horror – Annabelle Review


After that cinema experience I’m never going to the cinema to see another horror film again. I’m not great with horror films and demonic dolls are a huge no-no! From a horror film perspective I have seen better horror films. It’s good, but it’s not block buster material.  The gore wasn’t at a Quentin Tarantino level, just a little bit of blood splatter here and there.  It was more all about the jump scares… Oh how I hate jump scares.

The film was set around a happily married couple John and Mia, who are attacked by their neighbour’s satanic crazed daughter, Annabelle and her boyfriend.  This then triggers the main plot line of Annabelle haunting them through the doll and the need to devour Mia’s soul. We then get the typical characteristics of being dragged across the floor, the screaming and demons in the basement.

Despite throwing the doll away it reappears when they move house and decide to keep it. From this point on it becomes quite predictable as the horror level rises higher and higher, while I’m coiling in my seat wishing I had gone to see something else at the cinema.  The wide shots and the tense music certainly gets your heart racing. As the tension builds you also get tense and it all one massive emotionally horrifying rollercoaster.

The lead characters were strong, especially when portraying Mia’s motherly love for Leah. That theme occurs again later on within the last few climatic moments. After the resolution had happened it all fizzled out and the momentum of the plot was gone.  As it was a prequel to ‘The Conjuring’ you already knew the ending.

While I admit it did its job in scaring me, I’m easily scared. It was a conventional horror film and was successful. However, if you a hardcore horror fan you might be a little disappointed.

Is it worth to see it at the cinema this Halloween? Yes, I think so.


Author: Alice Denmark

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