Abstract hour (18/01/19)

Featured image illustrated by Lydia Seymour 

This week on abstract hour i considered whether video games should be considered an art form.

Here is all the articles, videos and games referenced although with songs played.

Are video games art? By Aaron Smuts 

Quote referenced from article:

In order to determine whether video games are an art form, we first need some idea of where the art might lie. Video games combine elements from narrative fiction film, music and sports. They are arguably an art or sister art of the moving image, specifically, a form of digital animation.’

Videos used: 

Video games referenced: 

Songs played:

  • Heinali- Little by Little 
  • Syd Matters- Obstacles 
  • Local Natives- Mt. Washington 
  • Frankie goes to hollywood- Relax 
  • Halina Heron and Ryan Roth- Turn Back (and the epilogue ending music from ‘The Beginners Guide’ 
  • Firewatch Piano and Guitar cover- Thepandatooth ft Callum McGaw
  • Kats Song- Contrast OST ft Laura Ellis  
  • Firewatch OST- Ol Shoshone 

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