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Tom Chew from Liverpool Student Homes

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came into the THIS Radio studio to answer a few common questions first-time student property renters may have on their minds.

Questions such as:

What is Liverpool Student Homes and how does it work with universities in Liverpool to help students?

Explain to the listeners the process of renting a flat for a first time renter?

What are the legal obligations for a student taking out a property rental contract?

What are the legal obligations for a Landlord issuing a rental contract?

How are disputes between student/landlord or student/student resolved?

What is the function of a guarantor?

What are the common pitfalls that students should avoid when renting a home?

What advice would you give to students in order to get the best deal/experience possible in renting a home?

What kind of research should students do regarding landlords/agencies before they commit themselves to a contract?

How can students contact Liverpool Student Homes?

To listen to Tom endeavouring to answer the questions above please click on the link below:

Tom Chew’s THIS Radio interview

For a free, confidential advice service please contact Tom Chew (Liverpool Student Homes) via the following methods:

Telephone: 0151 794 3296 (central line)

Email: advice2u@liverpool.ac.uk

Or pop into the Liverpool Hope Park Lecture Theatre Complex (room LTC010) between 9am-4pm every Monday to speak to Tom.

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